MIR Exchanges and Exploitation


Date: 14th  to 15th  January 2014

Location: ETH Zurich.

The mid-infrared (MIR) region is emerging as the favourite wavelength band for a number of applications, including high sensitivity trace detection, chemical emission monitoring, process control, and biological sensing applications. An efficient way to get precise and reliable information is to rely on spectroscopic analysis.

This workshop, organized by the FP7 IP project MIRIFISENS, aims to gather all the value chain stakeholders, from experts at the different existing technologies to generate MIR radiation to potential end users within various fields of application. The workshops aims to analyse the end user problems and needs, debate the current capability gaps of MIR technologies, and the potential paths bridging these gaps. The goal is to identify the key parameters within each field of applications promoting interactions between technology developers, systems integrators, knowledge providers, end users and out of field researchers.


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